Monday, June 22, 2009

Zane's Firsts

Zane if 5 weeks old today and on Friday he weighed 7 lbs, 15 oz. Remember 5 weeks ago he was 5 lbs, 8 oz. Yep, he's a growing boy! He is very alert and loves to cuddle. He has experienced so many things in his short time here....last week was a very busy week for Zane. Like I said, firsts! This week he did a lot of things for the first time; met two of his grandparents, and uncles/aunts, went to the Rockies game, met mom and dad's friends and their little ones, went to the mountains, went out for dinner and went to the park.

He went to his first Rockie's game with the Stanek/Sisson family. He had a blast...really, he slept through the entire thing. We know this will be on of many he'll see. Brian and I have come to accept that he will be a Rockies fan since he was born here, but we'll make sure he cheers for the Twins too!!

He also met his Grandma and Grandpa May, Uncle Andy and John and Auntie Julia. We had so much fun. He loved having them here and meeting them. Andy couldn't get over how little he was, and I know if Julia and John could, they would have packed him in her suitcase and brought him home. Zane took his first trip to the mountains, Mount Evans with everyone and saw his first mountain goat. It was so much fun! While they were here we also went out for dinner, which was another first for Zane. He again, slept through the entire dinner. We also went for a long walk and to the park with John and Julia.
He is also rolling from his tummy to his back. I don't think it's because he is trying, it think it is because he doesn't want to be on his back, but it's pretty cute. He's also mimicking us. When we stick out our tongue he does too.

I hope you all enjoy our updates!

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