Friday, March 23, 2012

28 week appointment-3rd trimester!

We visited the doctor yesterday for an ultrasound and blood draw. The visit went great, little guy weighs 2 lbs and 13 oz and his doing really well. He was very active in the ultrasound because I drank the sugar drink for my glucose test a bit before. The ultrasound tech was laughing because he would not cooperate. She got a few good shots, which you can see below. The purpose of the ultrasound was to check my placenta and cervix since I had Zane early, my doctor wanted to check the position. Good news, my placenta has moved so no limitations for me! Yay!

I'll find out about the glucose test early next week. I'm hopeful it comes back negative so I don't have to do the 3 hour test. I didn't have it with Zane, and I have not had a lot of weight gain during this pregnancy (12 lbs.) so she feels pretty good. I guess we'll see. She just asked we continue to keep our fingers crossed for little guy not to come until after 37 weeks. I did schedule my c-section for June 7th, so if he's not here by then that will be his birthday! 7 is my lucky number too so it works out pretty neat

Monday, March 19, 2012

What a wonderful life...

I'm not sure if I am in Minnesota or Colorado...the past few weeks of weather sure have been confusing but so appreciated! To my MN Friends, this is what Colorado winters are like-snow, but warm days and a beautiful sunshine!

This weekend we took advantage of the weather and spent most of our days outside. I took Friday off of work (I really needed it) and went to the MN Zoo. We are now zoo members (Thank you Mom!) so we will be spending a lot of time this summer there! Zane loved the dolphin show, the leopard (who was pacing-Zane said he wanted his mommy) and the camels. He really wanted to see the eagle but he was moved because they are making a new exhibit for the bears so maybe next time and he enjoyed the owl. Right as we were leaving a man was holding a beau constrictor, which Zane wanted to see, but didn't want to get too close and as soon as we walked away we had to return for a second look. Silly boy!

On Saturday we had a Zane and Mom day. Brian had a boys day and enjoyed shooting clay pigeons, golfing and catching up with some friends. Zane and I went and did a little shopping for summer clothes, yes, in March since he's grown out of most of his t-shirts and needed shorts, and then we went and played 'baseball'. We ran the bases (he made me run them-7 months pregnant, I'm sure that was a pretty sight), played in the dirt and and the umpire (Zane) kept calling everything a strike; even when I'd hit it. Zane was also 'Joe Mauer' as he calls himself. Needless to saw we had a great day. We also colored a leprechaun, made muffin paper flowers and snuggled. He's such an fun boy and getting so big!!

Sunday was also very eventful (we had to enjoy this beautiful weather). We went out and played baseball, soccer and golf all on the baseball diamond. We also flew our kite and checked out a new park. We have so many plans for the summer, I can't wait! We also found a great authentic Mexican restaurant in Chanhassen that we never knew was right down the road from us. We went there for some dinner and on Sunday nights they have Mariachi singers. Zane was in heaven. He watched the men play their guitars and violin as well as sing, and then it was his turn. The came over and sang several songs for Zane. This was the best "eating out" experience we've had in a long time. We have never been regulars anywhere and don't have many regular things we do, but Sunday nights we will be visiting this restaurant often. Before we were even home Zane asked when we can go back. He even ate most of his meal (which is unusual too!). Lots of fun! Now back to the grind at work.

I'm very anxious as we have a big event on Wednesday and Thursday I'm hosting a lunch and meeting for about 35 people and then off for an ultrasound, glucose test and doctor appointment. I'm 28 weeks this week and feeling every bit pregnant! Zane was very honest and told me my tummy is big.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow, 30 years have passed!

As you probably know it was my 30th birthday on Sunday! I don't feel any older though, just pregnant! Zane helped make a cake. He told me to sit down and he was going to do it all by himself. That would have been an interesting site. Brian and I also realized that we've been together half my life! That's a long time!! This weekend we enjoyed two nice days outside with such beautiful weather. We went up to the Mississippi River hoping to fish, but the water levels were so low we just played at the park. At the park they have a cabin built out of logs with picnic tables below and Zane say it and his eyes got huge and said "Lincoln Logs"! He thought that was pretty neat!

The past few weeks have treated us well. I finished the pictures for the baby's "room". I wish I had more time to paint and draw! I plan to do pen and ink for Zane's room-he wants hockey, football and golf. I want him to have a special place too so that he doesn't feel like everything revloves around the baby. He's been such a big boy! Zane has been going to sleep like a normal child the past week now, instead of 2 hour bedtime routine and falling asleept at 10pm or later and me getting very crabby. Bedtime was such a challenge for about a month but now we are on a good streak, unfortunately for Brian he is no longer napping.

Baby is doing great! I need to take a picture-baby has grown a lot and so have I! He's very active! Bending over is not easy anymore and getting up off the ground when Zane wants to play Legos is quite interesting to say the least! Next week I have my glucose test and also another ultrasound. It's going to be a very crazy week! My boss is coming; we have an event and a Grand Opening for our new site along with hosting an event at Stritch. It will certainly fly by! Im looking forward to more nice days so we can spend time outside.