Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow, 30 years have passed!

As you probably know it was my 30th birthday on Sunday! I don't feel any older though, just pregnant! Zane helped make a cake. He told me to sit down and he was going to do it all by himself. That would have been an interesting site. Brian and I also realized that we've been together half my life! That's a long time!! This weekend we enjoyed two nice days outside with such beautiful weather. We went up to the Mississippi River hoping to fish, but the water levels were so low we just played at the park. At the park they have a cabin built out of logs with picnic tables below and Zane say it and his eyes got huge and said "Lincoln Logs"! He thought that was pretty neat!

The past few weeks have treated us well. I finished the pictures for the baby's "room". I wish I had more time to paint and draw! I plan to do pen and ink for Zane's room-he wants hockey, football and golf. I want him to have a special place too so that he doesn't feel like everything revloves around the baby. He's been such a big boy! Zane has been going to sleep like a normal child the past week now, instead of 2 hour bedtime routine and falling asleept at 10pm or later and me getting very crabby. Bedtime was such a challenge for about a month but now we are on a good streak, unfortunately for Brian he is no longer napping.

Baby is doing great! I need to take a picture-baby has grown a lot and so have I! He's very active! Bending over is not easy anymore and getting up off the ground when Zane wants to play Legos is quite interesting to say the least! Next week I have my glucose test and also another ultrasound. It's going to be a very crazy week! My boss is coming; we have an event and a Grand Opening for our new site along with hosting an event at Stritch. It will certainly fly by! Im looking forward to more nice days so we can spend time outside.

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