Sunday, August 9, 2009

3 months old already!

Zane will be 3 months old on Monday...believe it or not. Each day Zane is more and more fun! He has such a personality and loves to talk! He is also getting big. He is almost too big for some of his 3 month old clothes. I assume he weighs close to 12 lbs. I'm not 100% sure, but can tell you he is getting heavy!! He's smiley and so talkative. He has officially slept through the night for 3 of the last four nights! Boy, what a blessing:) He's the best little guy a mom could ask for!

In the last few weeks Zane's cousin Kellie came out to visit as well as Andy. We were pretty busy when Kellie was here...we went to the Renaissance Festival, a rodeo at Cheyenne Frontier days and Rocky Mountain National park. When Andy came out to visit us we spent most of our time hanging out at home and fishing. He even caught a walleye while he was out here. Not fair; I live here, I've been fishing twice as much as he has and I'm yet to catch a fish!!!

Zane's Grandma and Grandpa Engels are out here visiting right now and will be here until Friday the 15th. They've been such a big help, especially since I went back to work last week. It's really nice to know he's safe and being loved while I'm at work. It made is a much easier transition getting back to work. I still miss him like crazy though:)

This will be the last post with pictures for a bit as my camera is broken and we need to buy a new one. These pictures are about 2-3 weeks old.

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