Tuesday, March 24, 2009

28 week OB appt

We had our 28 week OB appt today! It was a GREAT appt. I had my glucose checked and theyl also check to see if I am anemic...and I passed both. Great news, my doc confirmed that I WILL NOT have to go on bed rest and that I can walk for exercise again!! I am still on moderate pelvic rest, but she was very happy to hear things are going so well! My blood pressure was perfect, I only gained 2 lbs, and his heart rate is perfect at 144. I can't believe how strong his heartbeat sounds now. He is a growing boy. When she measured my belly, it's measuring at 29cm, so a little above schedule, but we go back in 3 weeks so we'll see if he is on track or still ahead. I would love for him to come early if his lungs are developed and he's ready!

I really have the best doctor!!! She also let me know that not one of her patients in the last 10+ years with marginal placenta previa have had a placenta that hasn't moved up! We'll have our next US in a few weeks to confirm!! I am still praying to have a regular birth!

After such a great appt, we had to stop and have some Mexican food! Oh, so yummy:)

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