Monday, May 11, 2009

35 week OB appointment

Today was our 35 week doc appt. It went really well! My weight, blood pressure, etc. are all Great, according to my doc. She actually asked me if I feel as good as my tests look. All in all, I feel pretty it is the beginning of the week, so by Friday I might have a different story:)

She said he is going to be a BIG little guy! He probably weighs about 6 lbs. Also, I've been having contractions and regular braxton hicks for the past few weeks, so she wants to do the ultrasound sooner rather than later. I'll have that on Friday to determine if the placenta has moved up enough to have a regular delivery vs. a c-section. Otherwise, everything else went well. She won't check to see if I'm dilated or effaced until after the ultrasound. She also said that if I don't have him a week prior y due date we may induce since he is getting so big.

In a nutshell the little guy and I are hanging in there and doing well. I just am anxious to meet him!!

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