Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elephant sized ankles and no how fun!

This week has been a little trying on my ole preggo body. The ankles have finally experienced true pregnancy as well. They have been extremely swollen since Tuesday and have not really gone down a whole lot even with elevation and time. Luckily I'll be chatting with the doc on Monday, but I'm sure she'll say, "Yep, you're very pregnant and it's just part of it." I'm getting closer to the big day each week and being pregnant just isn't as much fun as it was a few weeks ago. Sleep is now a past desire too. I know my body is preparing me for motherhood, but when working full time (traveling and managing a team) it does get pretty tough. Luckily my team is the best ever and are VERY understanding. The best part is that we'll have our little guy here in just a few weeks and all this will go away.

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