Monday, January 9, 2012

Zane's a big boy!!

This week was pretty easy going, no traveling or plans. We took Zane to an indoor play area that has the coolest climbing tower and gym. He loves going there and each time we go he is a little more brave. There are big slides, towers and kids everywhere. He also gets to play basketball and jump in a bouncy house! Kids these days are so lucky! This weekend we stayed home and did a lot of playing, a little exploring at Cabellas and Zane practiced going potty. Brian went ice fishing really early on Sunday but didn't have much luck! I was a little nervous for him since it's been so warm. I love our weekends at home. The are typically pretty uneventful, but this weekend we had a lot to celebrate Zane- is officially potty trained! Whew, such a relief! I was hoping he's be potty trained before the baby came.


So, if you're really interested in the details, here they are...During the week Zane and I took back a box of his diapers to Target because I could tell he was serious about this potty business. He picked out his own big Buzz Light year big boy pants (they are so cute on his little butt). He did really well with only a few accidents as long as we reminded him. Then he started to go on his own and we even made up a potty song that he thinks is so cool! He makes us sing it each time he goes potty and doesn't let us forget!! He continues to tell us that he's not a baby because he doesn't wear diapers. Oh, we're really proud of him!! He hasn't had an accident in several days, woke up from bedtime dry two days in a row and today he even went poopy on the toilet!


As for the baby, quite uneventful! I'm in the 2nd trimester and feeling great. I have my 20 week ultrasound on January 25th and I'm really anxious and excited to see how much the little one has grown! I'm sure baby is getting big compared to the last one at 14 week. Zane is really anxious. He keeps asking me to take the baby out of my tummy. He'll be a great big brother! I can't wait to take Zane to pick out the baby's coming home outfit and a few other things for baby!


Here we start another week! I'm heading to Milwaukee Wednesday for work and will be back on Friday! I'm not a huge fan of traveling to Milwaukee, but at least I can fly rather than drive! We have meetings with the College, sounds like there are some big changes taking place.


Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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