Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a beautiful baby shower!

Thank you so much to my sister, Kellie who threw me the most wonderful baby shower on Saturday, April 21st! This was her first "event" that she's planned so I am very proud of her. She did not embarrass me with the games and did a nice job getting everything organized! I LOVED her diaper cake! I've posted a picture below!! I was so lucky to have most of my family there and some very good friends too! Thank you all for coming and joining in our celebration of the upcoming arrival of Logan Stephen! I am very grateful for all the wonderful gifts we received. He is certainly loved already! I do have to say one of the highlights was of course, Zane and his Twins underwear. He is such a silly boy, and after wearing his Twins underwear over his jeans and diving into the bag, to top it he says, "I'm adorable!" We were also very lucky to be in Austin to celebrate my Uncle Scott and his twin brother Steve's 50th birthday party. It was a great time, but such a busy day. This day marked a big day for us too, Zane actually asked if he can go out and play with the big kids without Mom or Dad. He's growing up on us so fast!

We've now been spending days getting all of the baby stuff organized and ready. All of his clothes, blankets, sheets, socks and all the other stuff that comes with a baby is clean and ready for his arrival! Please continue to pray that he waits until June 7th or close to that date. I am 33 weeks, but have 6 to go since my c-section is one week before his actual due date. His arrival is very coming soon! I'm am really becoming more and more uncomfortable, but I know that this is only temporary for the little blessing we will soon have! He is about 4-5 lbs and 17-18 inches-as my baby website says he's about the size of a pineapple.

Me at my party!                                      
 yes, this is Zane's butt diving in the bag!
 Diaper Cake                                               

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